Flexe, the marketplace that turns a warehouse into a storage place

Turning an empty warehouse into a storage place and making crazy amount of money off it, sounds brilliant eh? Kudos to people who came up with this insane idea! There are no doubts that people of this generation can now make money off anything and everything. Flexe, the marketplace that is exclusively meant for storage places is now on a winning streak. Many organizations are looking for a place to dump its goods, and finally choose the right place for it, Flexe. I mean seriously, how cool is that? The service is similar to Airbnb but with small changes to it, people who have got empty bedrooms or warehouses can make money on Flexe by renting them to organizations in need of storage places.

The marketplace is definitely a new and one of a kind startup company that is likely to be a potential threat to many other companies. The website provides various options to the users who are looking for storage places based on the size, location and other factors. Flexe is a service that follows that pattern of Airbnb and it already has over 200 warehouses. The marketplace was launched in 2013 and funded by Hank Vigil, Second Avenue Partners, Lanman and SV Ange marks up to $6.3 million fund. Flexe’s proud owner Karl Siebrecht is now planning to expand its service across many cities in order to benefit the organizations that are in need of storage places. Flexe is a huge hit and is now looking forward to expand its service.

Ways to Be Striking In the Marketplace

It is really a hard process to survive in the marketplace of the 21st century where people have to improve their innovations and branding to stand out in the marketplace with its profit.

Spring Singapore has taken some steps in order to reach sustainable growth in the marketplace which includes five collaborative industry projects (CIP). It enables many small and medium enterprises to get innovations in their field to help them built their business.

Many small and medium enterprises will get adapted with new technologies through the CIP. Image recognition and mobile marketing make the business competitive which also helps them to be manpower efficient and overcome high business costs.

Here are some tips to stand out in the marketplace:

Strengthen innovation:

Instead of introducing new products, modifying the product can make it possible to get the product stand out in the marketplace. This makes the company to change its existing technology used for existing products. It also serves as a good way to improve the growth and profit of the company.

Develop strong brand:

Brand creation is the best tool to get successful market opportunities. It gives an opportunity for the company to identify and improve its brochures and the company sites. A strong brand can build consumer trust and shows the company’s value.

Protect Intellectual property:

Intellectual property is considered to be the asset for a company, so it is the one which should be safe. It’s necessary to protect it, so that other companies will not copy the idea of a company.

Travel Search Marketplace Ixigo provides a way to find Budget Hotels

Not everyone would prefer a cozy hotel that costs around many thousands. Several people are more focused on their travels rather than grand and cozy hotels. Ixigo has come up with an exclusive plan for such people in order to expand its service across India. The marketplace has recently launched a feature called Meta search that would make the job a lot easier for people who are looking for budget hotels. The so called “budget” rooms include ac, TV and all the basic necessities for a cheaper price.

The website compares the hotel prices provided in many hotel provider sites such as Zo Rooms, Vista Rooms and so on, using the feature Meta search. It displays the result page to the travelers with more refined choices to go for.  The results page displaying the super value hotels would be provided with reviews and ratings that give a better insight to the travelers.

The CEO of Ixigo, Aloke Bajpai promises to deliver the results that are close enough to the user’s expectations. The travel search website’s database consists of 12,000 hotels from which the super value hotels would be chosen and displayed to the travelers. The site is also planning to implement the feature in the app to widen its service across the country.

According to a survey, Indian hotel online booking market is a huge hit and makes crazy amount of money every year. The market has a very bright future and the site is definitely on the right track focusing on its goal.

LiquidTalent: On Demand Marketplace

Liquid talent is a platform which provides an opportunity for companies to find out talented developers and designers. It is a hard process to hire using recruiters, for whom the companies are paying money. But with liquid talent, company can save that money as it provides them with many professional connections. Through a mobile app, it offers companies more options to find talented professionals.

What Liquid Talent does?

Liquid Talent allows user to fill out some specific details through social networks, where this condition is suitable for both the talent and hirer. This platform acts as a great tool of communication as it allows thousands of users to get connected by means of messages or calls. Using social connections, knowledge, skills and details about project, Liquid talent will help company find the right talented person who suits the company. It prevents companies from bothering about its hiring process.

This on demand Marketplace has a goal that, the developers and designers they hiring need to work like a freelancer unlike traditional worker and it is focused on 1099 contracting. Contractors in some companies are requesting for an hourly work status, where they will get paid only for the hours they working. Developers and designers who work individually without interfacing with the end user seems to shine more in the freelancing market.

Simple way to get started:

The first step is to sign up in Liquid Talent as a talent or hirer and start filling the details. After that price the user will be subjected to social connections from where they bring out the best professional matches.

Marketron to launch programmatic marketplace

Marketron is an online marketplace that makes it easy for people who are planning to buy radio. Lately, it has been grabbing a lot of attention across US and Canada with its commendable service. The company launched the mediascape marketplace in 2014 and the platform promises to serve the broadcasters and advertisers by making the trading policy seamless. Many firms have already promised to offer better services for the radio world, but those promises have never been kept up. Nevertheless, Marketron has done this long back and is now looking forward to improve the platform that was previously launched in 2014. Now that is what called commitment! Hence, the marketplace is the first one to be implementing this snazzy technology and is quite proud of it.

Expressway from Katz is known to be the so called “competitor” to this prodigy. But Marketron never feels it to be a threat and is even waiting for other developments to compete against it. Let us assume it realizes the borderline of confidence! Also, the broadcasters are now looking forward to dig into this latest technology from Marketron. Thanks to the firm, Aloft Hotels has purchased ad inventory from Hubbard via the mediascape marketplace. The entity Nielsen would provide audience data and other entities like Mediaocean would serve as integrations of media planning tool. Marketron’s CEO Jeff Haley feels the marketplace has achieved the accomplishments prior to any other firm. Let us hope the marketplace brings about a new change to the radio world.